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    Cách viết thư yêu cầu trong IELTS General Writing Task 1

    IELTS Writing chủ đề News
    Question: Some people focus on news in their own country, while others think it is more important to be aware of international news. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Many readers now feel it is more important to stay informed concerning international news items, rather than local ones. In my opinion, though international news can be interesting, local stories contain greater relevance and are therefore more important.

    Consumers of international news point out its entertainment value. The majority of people reading news from other countries recognize it has essentially no impact on their own life. However, for many articles from abroad also tend to hold greater appeal. An individual in the United Kingdom, for example, might become bored of local politics and repetitive, provincial stories. There is likely to be more excitement gained in reading about global conflicts, trade disputes, foreign elections, political unrest and environmental catastrophes in distant nations. The reader may not be aware of their own intentions, but these stories are primarily a way to pass the time and be entertained.

    However, the entertainment value of international news is less important than relevant local reporting. For example, local news has become essential reading during the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Individuals have little choice but to read articles about the particular strain in their nation, the number of active cases, and the restrictions being urged or mandated by public authorities. If an individual is unaware of such news, they may violate a rule and put themselves and others at risk. The value of local news applies to less pressing emergency situations as well and may include stories about local elections, corruption in politics, crime rates, and various other stories of interest.

    In conclusion, despite the value of international news as a source of entertainment, local news should be prioritized given its actual significance. Individuals should strive to ignore as much news as possible and only stay informed about pertinent issues.

    Từ vựng chủ đề news
    • readers: people reading the news
    • stay informed: keep up to date
    • concerning: having to do with
    • international news items: newspapers from around the world
    • rather than: instead of
    • local: from your area/country
    • stories contain: articles have
    • greater relevance: more personal importance
    • therefore: thus
    • consumers: people reading
    • point out: argue
    • entertainment value: fun to read
    • majority: most of
    • recognize: notice
    • essentially no impact: basically no effect
    • articles: stories
    • abroad: in other countries
    • tend to hold greater appeal: usually have more importance
    • the United Kingdom: England and nearby countries
    • local politics government in your country/area
    • repetitive: tedious
    • provincial: related to your area
    • excitement: enjoyment
    • global conflicts: fights around the world

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